The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

It’s been awhile since an MP3 post has dominated the Most Commented list around these parts, but this week there were two. On Monday, Nine Inch Nails, after putting out two songs that harkened back to what made them initially hit, released “Everything,” an unadulterated alt-pop cut, and you guys had a lot to say. Same goes for Death Grips’ post-no-show live show fiasco release “Birds.” One of those tracks made the cut. Find out which song did, as well as our other best of the week below.

5. Poliça – “Chain My Name”

“Chain My Name” sounds like a Teena Marie song from another planet. But instead of Marie’s high-pitched coos, Poliça frontwoman Channy Leaneagh enchants with a brooding tongue. Perhaps it’s blasphemy to say this when there’s an album from the Weeknd on the horizon, but I’d deign to say that this Minneapolis band are making the best alt-R&B in game right now. – Claire

4. Nine Inch Nails – “Everything”

At this point Trent Reznor has shocked us so much over the years that we were all pretty stunned when he dropped “Everything,” three minutes of accessible alt-rock. The stark production, the bitter, alienated lyrics, and the militaristic drum machines are all still there, but they’re restructured as something pretty foreign for NIN — a catchy pop song. And yet it works, really well. Honestly, it wasn’t until I saw NIN’s headlining performance at Outside Lands a few weeks ago that I finally felt I got just how much of a pop-star Reznor can really be and how really great of a thing that is. Here, at one point he sings that he’s “become something else,” but when it comes to the music Reznor is just letting something that’s always been a part of him come out and shine. – Miles

3. The Dismemberment Plan – “Invisible”

For every old D-Plan fan who’s grown up, moved away from your hometown, and taken the leap into the vast terrifying unknown of anonymous adulthood, know this: The guys in the band have been going through the same thing, and now they’re here to sing to you about it. They haven’t skimped on the massive cathartic chorus/bridge singalong factor, either. – Tom

2. Le1f – “Damn Son”

Blah blah blah Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse is fossilized in terms of Internet time, but New York rappers and others scorned are still responding and the discussion persists. There’s nothing about Le1f’s incendiary “Damn Son” that suggests he’s vying for Kendrick’s claimed-crown, but when French Montana is grabbing Miley Cyrus for remixes, the City’s spread of potential royalty seems thin coming from the mainstream. Between metaphors that evolve throughout each verse and require many listens to stitch together, a beat that is probably a year ahead of its time, and swagger that is reminiscent of both Lil’ Kim and Biggie, the top spot should be Le1f’s to take. Watch the throne.– Claire

1. Glasser – “Shape”

Nowadays, everybody wanna talk like they got something to say. But nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish. And motherfuckers act like they forgot about Cameron Mesirow. Be honest: You forgot, didn’t you? So here’s Mesirow with a piece of glacially gorgeous digital thump — like Julianna Barwick after a summer at pop-songwriting camp, with some serious subwoofers installed in her trunk — to remind you. – Tom

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