Philip Frobos – “No Packages Today”

Philip Frobos – “No Packages Today”

Omni’s Philip Frobos has announced his debut solo album Vague Enough To Satisfy, a “lounge-inspired punk album” that also happens to serve as the original soundtrack to his upcoming novel of the same name. Lead single “No Packages Today” is a minimalist post-punk track backed by cascading saxophones and a chintzy beat. As Frobos explains of the self-directed video:

I had the idea for the video in a dream, where packages just kept arriving. I always loved that scene in the ’89 Batman where Prince’s “Partyman” comes on and Jack Nicholson and his goons vandalize a museum while dancing to the song on a boombox, and Kim Basinger watches in horror. I wanted to have that playful energy, kicking and tossing away all the packages in a groovy way.

In regards to the song, while remaining playful, I was commenting on how weird most people’s (myself included) relationship with packages and mail got during the pandemic. In a lot of cases it was some people’s only contact with others. If a week went by without a package it was a little sad. However, we as individual consumers need to check our addiction to convenience in mail from certain large companies. Musically I had in mind Lodger-Era Bowie, the Jam, and the second, Ric Ocasek produced, Suicide album.

Watch and listen below.

01 “Vague Theme”
02 “Vacant Street”
03 “Pool Disturbance”
04 “No Packages Today”
05 “Through With Buzz”
06 “Never Noticed”
07 “Inflatable Flamingo”
08 “Saturn Return”
09 “Pathetic”
10 “Singer Not The Song”
11 “Vague End Credits”

Vague Enough To Satisfy is out 10/1 on Upset The Rhythm. Pre-order it here. The novel will be published the same day via Hex Enduction Books.

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