Under The Influence: Givers In Light

Givers - In Light

Under The Influence: Givers In Light

Givers - In Light

When we called Givers a Band To Watch last summer, we noted the Lafayette quintet made fans of Dirty Projectors with their “eclectic, ecstatic, celebratory, knotty, vocally rich sound.” And if you’ve spent any time with Givers’ excellent debut LP you know that affection runs both ways. In addition to including DP’s “Useful Chamber” on this playlist of songs that influenced In Light, Tiff, Taylor, and Kirby also nod to some less obvious influences like Minnie Riperton and Oumou Sangare. Check out the mix and read their explanations behind each selection below.

1. Patrick Watson – “Beijing”
I get the feeling i’m having a lucid dream when listening to this song. So many percussion nuisances that carry you into a different world. I always come back to his softness and adamant tonality. Such a badass.

2. Minnie Riperton – “Completeness”
Minnie has this crazy range — she’s not afraid of her voice; instead she is willing to experiment and stretch herself. The string arrangements alone take me aback, then add her voice — and I’m floored.

3. Oumou Sangare – “Iyo Djeli”
Most of her songs move me, this one in particular was on a mixtape I couldn’t stop listening to. She is a powerful Mali goddess who pours this sincerity out in her voice that breaks me. Brings a prayer back into my heart … it’s like her words act a cradle- embracing you. And then, the instrumentation.

4. Sam Cooke – “That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On”
This song used to be in an ancient jukebox in a little dive bar near Dockside called WaWee’s (On The River). I went there a lot right before we recorded the album and was so obsessed with it. Possibly spent more money on having it on repeat than on beer there. Cooke has this magic in his voice — grabs your attention and shakes your soul down ’til your standing there naked.

5. Grizzly Bear- “On A Neck, On A Spit”
If you take a gander into my iTunes playlist under the play count this song might win. It’s a serious journey and for some reason always forces my eyes towards the sky. Some of my favorite production … Such a comforting beginning then wrecks you to pick you back up again.

6. Dirty Projectors – “Useful Chamber”
This song is still one of my faves from the DP catalogue. It has such an amazing geography. It takes you to so many different places and yet you never get the feeling like you’re being rushed or forced there. As a band that’s something that I think we strive to do.

7. Bon Iver – “For Emma”
One of my favorite songs even still right now, I began listening to it a month or so before we started on the record. It’s inspiring to hear some of the best music of our time come out of one man alone in a mountain house — very empowering listening to this music as we were producing our own record ourselves.

8. Animal Collective – “Taste”
I was really into this song at the time of recording the record. The sounds are expansive and spacious, feels like you are at a show listening to this song. The percussion/drum sounds on this song were an influence on our own sounds, layering real drums with sounds that are made from other objects such as playing on stools, sheets of metal, knocking on a table with certain things on it…

9. Papercuts – “Future Primitive”
I remember listening to this song on my way into the studio for the first day, it nearly made me cry listening to it on repeat that early morning. It’s a beautiful and simple song that could reach anyone’s heart on the first listen. It’s classic. The way his vocals build with the strings by the end even still bring tears to my eyes even today.


Givers – “Up Up Up”
Givers – “In My Eyes”

Givers’ In Light is out now via Glassnote.

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