McCartney III Imagined: All Things Must Pass: All Starr Band
Next week! A lot of these big pop albums have review embargoes forbidding you from publishing before the album drops, or they don't do promos at all.
Armie Hammer's name actually IS Armand Hammer. He is the great-grandson of an oil tycoon also named Armand Hammer.
It would've been Halloween x all the street fests x time change riots x infinity
Forget Buckeye basketball, it’s all about my beloved alma mater Ohio University right now
When I'm thinking about artists who have been perpetually ignored, Bob Dylan and Neil Young are always at the top of my list
You're right. Sorted that out up top.
This joke was too good to be buried as a secret link
We do moderate the comments section... we ban trolls and assholes constantly, including some people who have commented on this thread
It had a lot of votes
The Buckeyes vs. Wolverines of Super Smash Bros. obsessives
That nasimiYu song was obscenely slept-on
The reunion albums Farm and Beyond are as stellar as people are saying above, but for me it's gotta be You're Living All Over Me
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Also 10 years ago today: Excited for the Goblin anniversary coming up this spring...
The lyrics are indeed key to the appeal
Would have picked "Hopprock" but it came out a few weeks ago and was thus ineligible
It's a good sequence! It flows well!
Honestly seeing them play "Monkey Wrench" in 2004 knocked me off the FF bandwagon. Instead of the breakneck momentum and airtight tension that makes the "ONE LAST THING BEFORE I QUIT!" part so thrilling, they stopped to vamp on some chords in the middle, halted to a complete stop, and then Dave started yelling "ONE LAST THING..." a cappella before the band eventually came back in. Completely destroyed the dynamics of one of the most dynamic rock singles of the '90s.
As for the headline... it's hyperbole! Pumpkins also still pumping out mediocre new albums along with the rest of those you mentioned (NIN not included).
The thought that younger millennials are still checking for Weezer due to their nostalgic affection for "Beverly Hills" is probably true and deeply depressing
I thought There Is Nothing Left To Lose was great in 1999 but listening back it's pretty clearly a step down from the first two / the beginning of a downward slide. Some good songs on there though.
I mean, not exactly, but Blondie get played on some alt-rock stations now, and their version of popular cool-kid music fits within the parameters of the alt-rock world
Also 10 years ago today:
thank you padfoot
This was my bad! Should have specified that she was the first woman to do it.
I think this is pretty much correct
Def saw the King Khan & BBQ Show and Black Lips at The Union in like 2005
If they had a million dollars for every time someone made that mistake...
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